Deploying Mission-Critical Cable Connections for the U.S. Military


Custom, Combat-Ready Cable Solutions

In combat zones and military bases, securing vital communications with speed, accuracy, and agility are of critical importance. Every connection relies on the right cable to do the job without fail.

To meet the mission-critical communications needs of our nation’s military, Cambium Networks enlisted Amphenol Custom Cable to solve a challenge for the U.S. Army. Cambium Networks needed to deploy three (3) shielded outdoor Cat6 cable runs for connectivity at hundreds of U.S. Army communications and surveillance centers throughout multiple countries worldwide.

Addressing the Cable Challenge Responsively

The problem was that the cable configuration consisted of three individual cables running under protective expanded tubing which was expensive, extremely heavy to transport, and difficult to recoil for redeployment. With a fast approaching deadline, the U.S. Army needed a custom cable solution.

Immediately, Amphenol Custom Cable worked with cable suppliers, engineers, and buyers to create a unique redesign of the cable formation rapidly. Within several weeks, a customized cable solution—from concept to delivery—was developed in collaboration with Cambium Networks.

Amphenol Custom Cable designed a new three-cable configuration housed in a single jacket. This modification reduced the size of the cable composition by one-half inch, leading to a 47% reduction in weight which increased the speed and ease of transport, installation, and storage immensely. In addition to installation efficiency, significant cost savings were realized.

About the Author:

Chris Mousel is a Senior Account Manager with Amphenol Custom Cable, Florida Region. Chris is responsible for the growth and development of key national and regional accounts within the U.S. military, telecommunications, industrial, automotive, enterprise, and medical industries. With a solutions-based approach, Chris develops trustworthy client relationships by providing a rapid response to customer needs, and follows through to oversee order entry and the manufacturing process to ensure cable products are built to the customer’s specifications and delivered on schedule. Chris also assists in the research and design of new cable product lines to achieve the connectivity goals of customers.


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